In this troubled economy more and more people are looking for new ways to make money. A minibus can be an excellent way to do this. There are many occasions where people require the use of a minibus such as nights out, conferences, sporting events or business meetings.  If you are able to drive and work flexible hours then a minibus could be an excellent opportunity. However as with all careers that revolve around driving – it is extremely important to make sure you are insured.

When shopping for minibus insurance there are several things to take into account. For a start – what type of minibus service you intend to offer.  The type of insurance you need, will depend on what your minibus will be used for – will you be using it for private events or for taking children to and from school? . It’s important to know this before you seek out a quote. You must also decide whether you want fully comprehensive, third party or fire & theft insurance. For minibuses that are used for public hire it is recommended to go with fully comprehensive. If your minibus is available for public hire you should also find out if a replacement vehicle will be provided in the event of an accident.

Minibuses can either be purpose-built or converted vans. It’s important to note that if your minibus has had seats removed then it must be re-registered with the DVLA stating its new seating capacity as well as amending the vehicles logbook. When shopping around for your minibus insurance you should get quotes from as many companies as possible. This not only gives you the opportunity to compare prices but it also gives you bargaining power.  The best thing you can do however, before contacting any companies is to arm yourself with as much information as possible. You should know that prices will obviously depend on how much premium you pay as well as the type of cover you get and whether there is an excess to pay in the event of an accident.

In this day and age when companies are more cautious than ever due to fraudulent claims, it is important get your insurance with a company that is both reputable and is known to pay out claims when they are needed. Driving a minibus can be an excellent career path and knowing your insured takes any worries away and leaves you to enjoy the experience.

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