The Professional’s Guide to Creating a Courier Service

Starting up a courier service may seem quite difficult. But it’s not. With just a little knowhow it’s easy to just set up a courier business and get going. Drumming up business, investing in car fleet insurance, and keeping employees happy are all things that have to be taken into account. So take a look at this short guide to various aspects of the courier business and get that truck moving!

A Fleet of Vehicles

Any courier service will be using multiple vehicles to deliver their goods. But every vehicle must have a minimal amount of insurance or it can’t be driven on the roads of the UK. It’s expensive and troublesome to have paperwork for every vehicle so opt for car fleet insurance instead.

This covers all the cars of a company and they are all under the same policy so there’s one lot of paperwork for all the cars. What’s more, many insurance brokers offer discounts for companies that insure their cars all under one policy.

Drumming Up Business

There are many ways to drum up business, but the bottom line is that it’s all about being creative whilst not ignoring the basics. Here are just some of the ways in which the name of the company can get out there.

• Get the business in the local phone book. If people don’t know how to get in touch with the company then how can a business ever get off the ground?
• Develop an online presence. Build a website and get involved in social networking. This can not only give potential clients another avenue to get in touch, but it can even help businesses and clients meet.
• Hold events that are sponsored by the company. This requires a little bit of investment, but they really bring people in. It doesn’t even have to be related to the courier business. Just get the name on a banner in big letters.

Keep Employees Happy

This can’t be emphasised enough. Always make sure that employees are kept happy at all times. Employees who are happy will work harder and are more likely to go the extra distance. Offer them a pat on the back, talk to them as a friend, and maybe even give them a little bonus sometimes. Just keep them happy!

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Couriers Insurance

If you carry goods for hire or reward, then by law you are required to have couriers insurance. Sometimes however, confusion arises, between couriers insurance and that of haulage insurance. Should you be dropping off many parcels during the day, then a courier insurance policy is necessary.

It is possible to include under the umbrella policy of couriers insurance, sole proprietors, courier companies, courier business partnerships and charities that require service of couriers.

A courier insurance package covers the type of vehicle used for carrying goods in transit. When getting a quote, the insurers check the weight of the vehicle in proportion to the type of goods you carry, to enable them to give an accurate quote for covering your business. The type of goods you carry must relate to the weight of the vehicle in use.

Couriers are often mistaken about their needs for a policy, or advised incorrectly on which items to cover. The result is that the insurers often consider claims invalid. It is necessary for specific insurance taken for anyone in the courier industry, to avoid any misunderstanding.

About Insurance Policies

Most of the courier’s insurance policies are the same type of cover as traditional vehicle insurance, in other words, comprehensive, third party fire and theft insurance and third party only. It is usual for the insurance policy to have excess attached to it, covering the first part of a claim that is your responsibility if proved that you are at fault in an accident.

It is not usual for courier drivers to have set transportation contracts. They get their customers by advertising and doing one-off transports, and are contactable every day at any time. Furthermore, a courier is not always aware of the contents of the packages they are delivering.

Often vans are the preferred vehicle use for couriers instead of HGV’s, as they are far cheaper to run and use less fuel. The typical van weighs up to 3.5 tonnes, whereas HGV’s are up to about 7.5 tonnes in weight.

Quotes given for insurance depend on the amount of drivers in use, their ages and what no claims history they have.

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Make your best efforts to find cheaper taxi insurance

Finding insurance for a taxi shouldn’t be difficult, as there are multiple companies which provide such insurance schemes. However finding the insurance isn’t the issue – it’s finding insurance at the right price that is the problem for many consumers. There are a few ways that can ensure you get the lowest taxi insurance quotes, though, so it isn’t all gloom and doom.

First of all, make sure that you shop online for your insurance. The cheapest taxi insurance quotes will usually come from smaller online companies – going with the big commercial companies will certainly give you the highest price. Smaller companies will have fewer overheads, and will need to entice customers to go with them – they mainly do that by passing on their lower operating costs in their insurance quotes. The internet will allow you to connect to these smaller companies, and compare their prices against the type of cover that they offer.

You should also ask around among your friends and colleagues for advice on getting taxi insurance quotes. A great asset that you have is being able to gain personal recommendations for good companies, to minimise the risk of coming across a less reputable company. You can also read online reviews and forums to see if there are any comments or stories about a company that you are thinking of going with; the internet is not only a tool to allow you to search for companies, but also a tool to allow you to check up on and rate companies. Never underestimate that power of word-of-mouth; it can be extremely valuable, and key to getting you the cheapest policy possible.

A mistake that some people make when insuring a vehicle is to get cover which is far too comprehensive for their needs. Check which insurance policy you need to operate – it’s unlikely that you need every additional feature that a company offers, so stick with the most basic package that covers your needs by law. It may feel nice to have the comfort of the flashiest insurance policy available, but it certainly won’t feel nice on your wallet!

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Researching a Truck Insurance Quote

The complexity of a freight transportation business concerns the variety of aspects to related different applications. A truck owner has the responsibility of assuring that the type of insurance cover chosen will provide protection for the full value of any goods carried in his truck.

Obtaining a truck insurance quote, for example, in respect of goods in transit insurance should be assisted by a qualified provider. The policy should offer cover against loss or damage to goods, which is of particularly importance if products of a fragile nature are transported. Awareness of under insurance is crucial, as an owner could be confronted with a significant liability in a situation where they are considered responsible for the loss or damage to conveyed goods.

The reviewing of insurance for trucks, due to the variations involved, is inclined to be complicated. There are various clauses in the policy that an owner and their qualified representative must understand. It is crucial to ensure correct and full coverage and that the transported products of customers are secured.

It is a legal responsibility for an owner of any truck to possess basic vehicle insurance. This may be extended to cover goods in transit by the trucks. A truck owner is likely to be more accepted by customers if the factor of having comprehensive truck insurance is advertised. A further advantage is that the correct truck insurance quote could provide security and financial benefits to the truck owner, should an accident or other mishap occur, resulting in damage or loss to any goods in their care.

If a trucking operation includes deliveries to the continent, then an owner will require determining the need for specific continental haulage insurance. It is therefore, advisable to conduct some research and obtain expert advice from an experienced and qualified broker or an insurer direct.

It is always advisable for a truck owner to research available options regarding insurance. This would relate to costs, but primarily coverage and benefits. If it relates to a vehicle not yet purchased, the relative insurance costs for different vehicles should be determined before a decision is made.

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Temporary minibus insurance is similar to most others

It is fairly easy to get temporary minibus insurance quotes of a good quality via simply internet browsing. The idea that running or operating a minibus is far more complex than running a car is over exaggerated. Just planning to ensure that you would not be breaking the law is really the only proviso with minibus insurance, but then that is the same for any vehicle. Ignorance is no defence and it is no different than using a car with a bald tyre and then claiming you didn’t know about it. Look at the situation as given per your circumstances and determine exactly what you intend to use your van. Remember that the regulatory agency rules may apply as well as their techniques of detection, so firstly you should really determine whether you intend to use a minibus for public or private use, as well as in which country you intend to use the vehicle in.

If you want an idea of a minibus insurance quote, take a look at the various online companies. Like many others, a number of companies provide open fee breakdown, with additional bolt on extras with things such as breakdown cover and service management related add-ons. Hunting online for temporary minibus insurance will also show you all their payment options.

While choosing and looking at your online options, be ready to provide all the details necessary, however negligible that you think perhaps they are. Insurances and license for minibuses vary widely (country to county, county to county and state to state) as is the procedure followed for your personal vehicle. With your name, address, date of birth and contact details, you will be asked to indicate that you intend to use the minibus, to and from and when. Also be prepared to answer these questions regarding how many accidents you’ve had in the past 5 years, or how many convictions you have had in the past five years and so on.

Quite often temporary minibus insurance rates will cost less per day if you take them out for longer. A rate per day will be higher for a week’s usage than it will for a month. It may be true that there are a number of companies that are dedicated specifically to minibus insurance, there are also general insurance companies that have a service dedicated to the provision of insurance for minibuses. Examples of these are a number of insurance companies, which may comment on several options that may benefit those who need insurance for a minibus.

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