Direct Caravan Insurance

Looking for caravan insurance can often be time consuming, and many people are put off searching for it because of the perceived hassle involved. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. If you come to us here at Caravan Quoter we’ll be able to offer direct caravan insurance policies without the hassle, helping you get the most from your policy.

We understand that looking for insurance can often be difficult, which is why we like to keep things simple. We can give you access to a whole range of policies from which to make your decision, always providing easy to understand quotes that can help make things easier. We can offer these policies online or by phone and without any obligation – we’re completely impartial, with our only aim being to help you get the cover that you need.

By looking for your insurance policy in this way you’ll be able to save both time and money. Heading directly to us makes the whole thing quick and hassle-free, because we can give you numerous quotes from which to choose from. You’ll also easily be able to see which one could suit your needs based on your budget, preferences or individual requirements, ensuring you get the policy that’s right for you. You could well find that you save some cash as well, because by being able to compare everything in this way you’ll soon see where savings can be made.

So, if you want to keep things simple and find your policy the easy way, make sure to come to us for direct caravan insurance. With our great range of options we’ll help you make the right decision so you can get on the road in confidence, and with our impartial and no-obligation service we’re confident you’ll find just what you’re looking for.

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Touring Caravan Insurance And An Alert Dog

Many thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of people buy products both large and small every year but fail to take out adequate insurance for one reason or another.

Granted that to take out insurance on every item and additional warranties to cover breakdown, loss or theft would create an amazing loss of wealth however some items simply cannot go uninsured.

Looking for additional warranty on a watch that cost a few thousand pound or additional insurance on a mobile for theft? Check your home insurance to see if it’s covered on an extra policy within, much cheaper than buying extra policies to cover the same.

However when buying into an hobby and committing to leisure there can be no ifs or buts when it comes to insuring a product like a caravan and ensuring if used as a holiday home that it has adequate touring caravan insurance.

A news story recently hit home about the need for having touring caravan insurance firmly in place and many need to realise that they stand to lose everything if they don’t have it. A 54 year old woman named Peggy, sleeping at Southsea Holiday Park in Eastney in a brand new touring caravan, has lost all her possessions in a fire.

Sleeping with her Grand child one night, she was awoken by her dog who had realised the Caravan was on fire. Thanks to the Dog all got out ok but it could have been much worse. Had the touring caravan had touring caravan insurance she would have been advised about security against theft as well as fire safety.

More than that,she would today still have a caravan and a car, which was only insured against theft and was destroyed in the fire also. At some point in the future insurance for items like a caravan may be forced upon the new owner at first purchase.

But right now the best thing is to think about yourself, your purchase and your future and compare touring caravan insurance online to find the best and cheapest touring caravan insurance that you can.

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Trailer Tent Insurance Out Of The Box

Half box on wheels, half canvas tent, these amazing trailer tents are towed by thousands every year as an alternative to bulky caravans. Even though they’re slim lined and downsized and easier to tow, they still need to be covered with adequate trailer tent insurance.

Finding the cheapest trailer tent insurance to meet your requirements isn’t always an easy task,. However with trailer tent insurance quotes offered by specialist brokers, the job can be easier than you first think.

There are several websites online that enable an easy way to search out trailer tent insurance by collating all the quotes a broker can, into one searchable engine. All the user has to do is tick boxes and answer questions and several proposals and quotes meeting their trailer tent insurance needs will be forthcoming.

Trailer tent insurance does come with a few exemptions unfortunately but these are normal. One factor an insurer won’t cater for is damp and rot as this is due to an owner’s care of the product and not accidental. Always make sure you dry and vent your trailer tent upon returning home and clean with the correct cleaning agents often, rewaxing or waterproofing whenever necessary.

Many types of trailer tent can be covered by trailer tent insurance in the UK, manufacturers which are easily insured are; Combi Camp, Conway, Pennine, Cabanon, Esterel, Sunncamp, Trigano, Dandy, Camplet, Jamet, Raclet, Coleman and Campmaster.

Cheap trailer tent insurance can be easier to obtain if you are more security conscious and show that you care about the product you’re insurance.

If you’re a member of a caravan club you may receive an online discount and if you can show that you have fitted additional locks, store the trailer out of sight when not in use and is secure with clamp then an insurer should lower your trailer tent insurance premiums and offer a better quote.

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Caravan Insurance

When dealing with caravan insurance companies ask if they cover both static and touring caravans. Static caravans are kept on their pitch all year around, and touring caravans come and go with the visitor.

Both types of policy usually give the caravan owner financial protection against damage or destruction from fire and theft, and potentially from accidental damage. Without caravan insurance, not only is an expensive asset (the caravan) left unprotected, but if you cannot afford to replace the van itself without cover, you face a sharp rise in the cost of your holidays if you have to find alternative accommodation.

When you are looking around for caravan insurance UK caravanning clubs may be able to secure discounts for their members. Given that caravanning is becoming more and more popular as an affordable way of having a holiday in a recession, the market for caravan cover is getting more competitive.

So how can you get high quality cover at the best possible price?
For a static caravan, the cost of the premium will be heavily dependent on the location of the park where you keep it. So a well maintained, regularly patrolled park in a low crime area will be cheaper to cover than a caravan in a park with a higher crime rate.

To reduce your premium on a touring caravan policy, install security devices like a wheel clamp or have a hitch lock fitted so that the caravan is secure when you leave it unattended. Some insurers may even insist on these fittings before they will consider cover.

The premium could also be cheaper if you limit the mileage that you travel, and may go down steeply if you are prepared to limit the scope of the cover to the United Kingdom. However, if you intend to take your caravan abroad, do not forget to inform your insurer and request an extension to the cover. Otherwise you could find that the policy is invalid when you come to make a claim overseas.

If you are looking for a renewal policy, ask for a no claims discount as a reward for your history of safe caravanning.

Finally, when you have some quotes to compare, consider whether the extent of the cover suits you. Is there any contents cover included in your caravan insurance UK? Is the company experienced at dealing with insurance in the leisure industry? These are important issues that should help you make a decision between similarly priced policies.

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