Your questions on multi bike insurance

Here are some frequently asked questions on multiple motorbikes and insurance.

What is the most cost-efficient approach to insuring multiple machines?

That cannot be answered specifically because individual circumstances may indicate different solutions for different potential policyholders.

What may be the case though is that a policy providing multi bike insurance might prove to be particularly cost-effective and more so than having individual policies.


In the case of an individual motorcycle policy, the insurance provider may need to make assumptions about the probabilities of you riding your bike at any given time.

Things such as your estimated annual mileage may also influence that.

By contrast, an insurance provider covering a number of your machines may know that at any one time you are only likely to be riding one of them.  That may reduce aspects of their risk assessment (and therefore your premium) for each individual machine.

What about if I let other people ride my bikes?

That might depend upon whether or not the other people were simply included as occasional riders on your policy or were using your bikes under some sort or hire and reward type operation.

If you are using your bikes for anything to do with income generation, however casually, you may be in need of specific commercial use bike insurance.

It is important to discuss the exact nature of the way you plan to use your bikes with your insurance provider, at the time you are considering their policy.

Will these policies cover expensive bikes?

Typically yes, they are not only designed for multiple lower-cost machines.

On the other hand, if your motorbikes constitute a collection of classic and very high-value machines, you may need to discuss special terms and conditions with your insurance provider.

In all cases, if you have a multi bike policy, your provider may require that you take certain additional precautions, possibly including locking them securely away at night and protecting them with burglar alarms etc.

What if I take my bikes to shows?

Some bikers have collections of (e.g.) classic bikes that they may occasionally take on a trailer or in a van to exhibitions and displays.

If you do, once again you should discuss this in advance with your insurance provider.

If you receive payment or the reimbursement of expenses for taking your bikes to such shows, you may once again be bordering on operating as a commercial concern and special advice may be required from your policy provider before undertaking any such activity.

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Cheap motorbike insurance – reading between the lines

The attractions of advertisements for cheap motorbike insurance are obvious. There may though, be a few things worth thinking about when reading them;

  • relevance – some advertisements make heavy use of asterisks and small print along the lines of indicating that the figures quoted are subject to status.  That may indicate that the figures quoted in the ad are very much a best case scenario and may not be applicable in your individual circumstances;
  • cheap motorbike insurance versus cover provided – in the event you are unfortunate enough to suffer a problem with your bike and need to make a claim, it may be safe to predict that you will not be worried at all about how much your insurance has cost you.  What you will be focusing on is the detail of the cover provided by your policy, therefore, it might be a more appropriate approach to select your policy on that basis to begin with;
  • terms and conditions – all insurance policies, of any type, will contain something recognisable as terms and conditions.  These may effectively govern how easily or otherwise you might find it to make a claim in certain circumstances.  It is extremely important that these are read carefully, whether or not the policy under consideration is considered to be cheap;
  • exclusions – typically part of the terms and conditions, these are particularly worth looking out for.  Cheap cover for someone else may not prove to be cheap for you if the exclusions in the policy effectively mean that in your situation and with your usage patterns, elements of the policy may simply not apply to you;
  • comparisons – simply because a policy proclaims itself to be cheap may not necessarily mean that it is so.  It might always be advisable to compare it to other options.  For example, you may find that specialist multi bike insurance for a number of machines may prove to be more cost-attractive than several individual supposedly cheap policies;
  • paying extra – some bike cover policies that major on their low-cost may have a relatively modest level of as-standard cover included.  Other elements of cover may be chargeable as optional extras and by the time these are taken into account, such policies may no longer look to be like a prime definition of cheap motorbike insurance.  It is typically advisable to allocate a few minutes to do some basic comparison sums when thinking about cheap motorbike policies!
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The attractions of cheap motorcycle insurance quotes

Unless you are fortunate enough to be very wealthy, the chances are that you may be interested in looking for cheap motorcycle insurance quotes.

Motorcycle insurance typically comes in many different shapes and sizes and as you might expect, the prices also vary considerably.

It might be perfectly possible to approach several different insurance providers with the same set of requirements and circumstances but to see some fairly significantly different motorbike insurance quotes in response.

So, what is going on? Why are cheap motorcycle insurance quotes not available all of the time and all more or less around the same sort of price?

This inevitably involves us in a discussion of the principles of risk.

As we all know, in principle, the higher the risk posed by a situation for the insurance provider, then the higher the premium they may require in order to provide cover.

This is a basic foundation stone of insurance but assessing risk is a difficult and occasionally subjective science. Two insurance providers may interpret identical situations quite differently and reach diverging conclusions as to the risk inherent in the situation.

These situations are surprisingly common and they explain, in part, why you might occasionally get quite different quotations from different insurance providers.

There is another factor that comes into play – and that relates to the nature of what you are actually getting for your money.

Contrary to what some people may believe, insurance policies are not typically more or less identical to each other in terms of the amount of cover they are providing and of what type.

So you may look at two motor bike insurance online policies that at a surface level appear similar but which on closer inspection are actually significantly different.

This may also apply to that sometimes overlooked area of an insurance policy, its terms and conditions. These may, in some cases, be far more restrictive and constraining than in others and that may have a significant effect on how easily you may be able to make a successful claim should you need to.

Where does this leave us in terms of considerations relating to the idea of cheap motorbike insurance quotes?

Perhaps the most obvious conclusion is that the ticket price may not be a particularly good indication as to how cost-suitable for you the policy is.

A policy may appear to be cheap but if its terms and conditions constrain your degree of freedom to use your bike in the way you wish to use it, then you may wish to pay a little more for a policy that does support your bike and lifestyle. In essence, the less cost-attractive policy may prove to be more cost-suitable for you.

The moral of the tale may be to think twice about cheap motorcycle insurance quotes and to ensure that you read them carefully.

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What is the cheapest motorcycle insurance?

Some bikers occasionally express frustration at what they perceive to be the difficulty in finding out what is the cheapest motorcycle insurance, though they may sometimes overlook that they may be able to have a significant effect themselves on the cost of their policy cover.

Stick to the specification

It may pay to avoid heavily customising or otherwise modifying your bike.

Modifications may make insurance providers nervous, particularly if you have changed it to the extent that it no longer conforms to the manufacturer’s specifications and when insurance providers become uneasy, your premiums may rise as a direct result.

Heed the rules of the road

Making the effort to consistently drive within the constraints of the law is always a smart idea, not only from the moral point of view but also from a practical point of view in that convictions and penalty points on your licence typically equate to a significantly higher premium.

Choose the bike you need

The size and power of your motorbike may also be factors that may influence the price of your premium and typically you may find that the bigger and more powerful the machine, the more your insurance cover may cost.

Opting for a less powerful bike may enable you to find the motorbike insurance deal that matches your expectations and your pocket.

Shop around

Just accepting the first motorbike insurance quote you may get may not be an approach that may be particularly helpful when trying to find the cheapest motorcycle insurance.

Comparing a few bike insurance quotes and assessing their cheapness against the levels of cover that they actually provide may typically give you the information you may need to help you select a policy appropriate for you.

You may find that your considerations of what is the cheapest motorcycle insurance may be very different to the policy selected by another biker. Even if they had the same bike as you, other factors like how you use your bike, whether you have driving convictions, your age and experience etc, are all important factors used by providers of motorcycle insurance in setting premiums.

There are specialist providers of motorcycle insurance who may be able to offer competitively priced cover for a wide range of bike riders including:

  • female bike riders;
  • riders at opposite ends of the age spectrum – perhaps as young as 16 if a CBT pass certificate is held and up to 75 years in some circumstances
  • scooter and moped riders;
  • classic bike owners.

By taking a bit of time and knowing what to look for, it may be less difficult than you think to find what is the cheapest motorcycle insurance.

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The realities of convicted biker insurance

Convicted biker insurance is something that just might make a significant difference to the cost of your motorcycle insurance cover.

What is it and how does it work?

The biker’s image

For a long time some bikers have been working hard to consign to the bin, the old stereotypical image of the biker as some form of rebellious force of nature.

The vast majority of motorcyclists are law-abiding citizens who manage to avoid infringing the various laws that govern road usage.

Of course, sometimes things may go wrong and you may find that however conservative a rider you are, you may pick up some form of motoring conviction.

That may not necessarily indicate that you have a fundamentally flawed attitude to riding your bike safely and considerately, however, insurance providers may not take into account your past behaviours. They may only see your current conviction(s) and the predictable result may be a significant hike in your insurance premium with any dreams you have about cheap motorcycle insurance, seemingly disappearing without trace.


Insurers typically rate policies and calculate the premium based upon their statistical perceptions of the risks involved.

Statistically speaking, motorbike riders with convictions may be more inclined to become involved in situations resulting in a claim.

For that reason, insurers typically increase their prices to cover what they see as their increased risk.

Bigger cheques

Your response to this may simply be to fatalistically accept that you are going to be writing some larger cheques for your motorcycle insurance in future.

Yet you may have an alternative – and that is to seek a provider offering convicted biker insurance.

These organisations may have different ways of looking at different forms of conviction and trying to perform a little more of an analysis of the risks constituted by different bikers applying for insurance with convictions on their licence.

Convicted biker insurance does not necessarily mean that you will be getting your insurance for the same price as you were prior to the points being added to your licence.

What it may mean is simply that your application is being reviewed against the product list that has been built up based upon considerable experience in this specialist domain rather than simply looked at in the context of generalist motorcycle insurance.

Yet it is also probably the case that you are looking for practical benefits rather than simply sympathy and understanding.

The bottom line is that in some cases convicted biker insurance may be able to offer you a more cost-effective solution to your motorcycle insurance needs if you have a licence that is something other than spotlessly clean.

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Looking for scooter insurance?

You may regard your scooter as your pride and joy but perhaps feel that because it is a fairly modest and economical type of motorcycle, scooter insurance may be pretty standard wherever you look.

In fact, you may find that there are significant variations in the various scooter insurance policies available and these might make a difference to your situation.

Shopping around may, therefore, typically be a more sensible approach than just making an ill-informed purchase.

Before you chose a scooter insurance policy though, you may first have to have a good idea of what type of motorcycle insurance you are looking for.  As with so many other aspects of life, the greater the level of cover, the more you may have to pay for it.

The extent, to which you insure your scooter, will depend on a number of variables including its value and age.

It is perfectly possible, for example, to ride your scooter under third party cover only.  This would mean that you may be protected financially if you injured someone or damaged their property while riding your scooter. Court costs may also be covered.

What would typically not be covered in this situation though, would be any costs involved for damage to your scooter. Similarly with third party cover only, if your scooter was stolen, then you may be looking at significant cost yourself to fund a replacement.

The next level up on the cover scale may be to go for third party, fire and theft scooter cover.  This obviously typically offers greater protection, which you may consider to be essential, particularly as scooters tend to be a favourite target of thieves.

One level up again would be fully comprehensive cover, which would typically include repair costs for damage to your scooter as well.

Whatever your choice of cover, there may be ways in which you may be able to reduce the cost of your insurance premiums.

For example:

  • if you have a clean driving licence, you may typically expect your insurance premiums to be lower than if you had convictions;
  • making modifications to your scooter may also result in higher insurance costs;
  • agreeing to keep your scooter parked off road when it is not in use may attract a premium discount;
  • your scooter may be most at risk when you are riding it, so keeping your mileage as low as possible may help to reduce both risk and premiums;
  • while you can’t do anything about how old you are, you may find that scooter insurance providers may offer discounts for older and more experienced riders.
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