Travel Insurance: Do You Really Need It?

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There are many different things to take into consideration when planning a big trip. How much and what clothing to take? How much money to take? Should you drive or fly? Do you need a Visa or Passport? Many times travel insurance isn’t even considered in all of the questions. What is travel insurance? And do you really need it? Those questions and more will be explained in this article.

Exactly what is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is designed to cover all aspects of a trip. It can cover your medical expenses if you don’t have insurance or your medical insurance doesn’t cover you in another state or country. It can also cover trip cancellations due to illness or injury, missing a plane due to an airline mistake, missed cruise connection and lost luggage reimbursement. This insurance can even offer assistance if you lose your identification or passport while traveling.

Don’t Other Insurances Cover me?

If you are flying to your vacation destination, you cannot expect your automobile or homeowner’s insurance policies to protect you. As stated above, not all medical insurances will cover you if you are out of the state or out of the country. Furthermore, medical insurance rarely covers medical evacuations. For those people who have Medicare, it is important to know that Medicare does not cover you if you travel outside the United States.

How Do I Purchase Travel Insurance?

Regardless of whether you book your trip through a travel agent or by yourself, you can get travel insurance. A travel agent will inquire with you as to whether you are interested in travel insurance and what kind of policy you may want. If you are not using an agent, you can search the internet for travel insurance. There are many different companies that offer travel insurance as well as many different policies. Furthermore, you can purchase travel insurance to protect you for one trip or for many trips if you take them in a certain amount of time.

How Much Does Travel Insurance Cost?

Depending on where you are going, the length of your trip and how long you are going to be gone will determine how much you will pay for your travel insurance. The amount of coverage you need as well as the type of policy you want will also affect the cost of the travel insurance policy. In searching online for the most generic policy, you may receive quotes anywhere from $6.95 and up. This insurance is not a long-term policy so it costs much less than automobile insurance.

Travel insurance is a must-have if you are planning on traveling out of the country or taking a cruise. Make sure you are covered in all aspects of your trip including the price of the tickets, your luggage, and medical expenses if you should require them.

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