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Are you a coach holiday firm with 80,000 happy passengers a year? Have you been operating for 60 years and have the trust of all your customers firmly and correctly placed in their hearts and minds?

Have you found that trust paid back ten fold with repeat family business spanning decades? Are you about to go bust and take all their money with you? What’s your coach insurance cover like?

It’s been the story of the last three years, travel agents have gone under taking thousands of people’s holidays and paid up deposits with them, never to be recovered. Air liners have gone out of business with few agents unable to refund and rebook with another. So in this day and age is it really fair on your customers to not have the best travel coach insurance in place for you and them?

Recently Welsh firm Diamond Coaches went bust leaving thousands wondering whether they would get a refund or if their holiday will still take place under the guise of a takeover business. Thankfully the coach insurance was adequate to secure refunds to thousands who made bookings by credit card and visa debit, but day trippers and cash payers may find things a little tougher if a new owner isn’t found in time.

This is a timely reminder that travel coach insurance is not only in place for coach breakdown and roadside recovery or offering fully comprehensive cover against fire and theft but for the peace of mind and security on offer to passengers too.

As holiday goers wise up to who they book their holidays with and well earned wages, more and more will seek travel agents, coach firms and air lines that have the best travel coach insurance and basic insurance in place to protect their investment.