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Insurance is something that should never be overlooked, particularly if you’re driving a coach. Because it’s such a large vehicle (and because of the number of passengers on board) you need to be prepared for every eventuality, and whether you’re driving a coach for business reasons, for charity purposes or even for pleasure you need to make sure that you’ve got adequate coach insurance in place at all times.

As with all types of insurance, there are various levels of cover and extras that can be included in your policy. Third party is the basic option that you’ll be presented with, but because you’re carrying passengers it makes sense to go for more comprehensive cover if you don’t want to come unstuck later down the line. If anyone were to be injured during the course of your duties you could well be held liable, and if you don’t want to suffer the financial consequences it’s worth being completely covered.

Therefore, public and private liability should always be considered, as should things like legal expenses cover. Costs in these areas can quickly add up, and the negligible impact of the premiums will do far less damage to your pocket than having to pay for any claims. But, make sure to discuss your individual requirements with your broker or insurance company – you want to find a tailor made solution that meets your needs, your budget and your own personal circumstances, so never accept anything until you’ve looked at it in more detail.

This means that adequate research is more important than ever, and so is shopping around. Always head to the specialists, and if you look for a broker (online or otherwise) they’ll be able to take out a lot of the hassle for you. If you look carefully you’ll also be able to find some great deals, and if you’re trying to save some cash consider increasing the excess or getting rid of any extras that aren’t totally necessary.

Again, you’ll need to talk to your insurer, but if you haven’t found one yet then don’t be afraid to play a few off against each other – this is a sure-fire way to reduce your premiums because they’ll be fighting for your business! This brings us back to the importance of research and comparisons, and as long as you spend the time to look you’ll be able to find a coach insurance policy to meet your precise needs.