If you carry goods for hire or reward, then by law you are required to have couriers insurance. Sometimes however, confusion arises, between couriers insurance and that of haulage insurance. Should you be dropping off many parcels during the day, then a courier insurance policy is necessary.

It is possible to include under the umbrella policy of couriers insurance, sole proprietors, courier companies, courier business partnerships and charities that require service of couriers.

A courier insurance package covers the type of vehicle used for carrying goods in transit. When getting a quote, the insurers check the weight of the vehicle in proportion to the type of goods you carry, to enable them to give an accurate quote for covering your business. The type of goods you carry must relate to the weight of the vehicle in use.

Couriers are often mistaken about their needs for a policy, or advised incorrectly on which items to cover. The result is that the insurers often consider claims invalid. It is necessary for specific insurance taken for anyone in the courier industry, to avoid any misunderstanding.

About Insurance Policies

Most of the courier’s insurance policies are the same type of cover as traditional vehicle insurance, in other words, comprehensive, third party fire and theft insurance and third party only. It is usual for the insurance policy to have excess attached to it, covering the first part of a claim that is your responsibility if proved that you are at fault in an accident.

It is not usual for courier drivers to have set transportation contracts. They get their customers by advertising and doing one-off transports, and are contactable every day at any time. Furthermore, a courier is not always aware of the contents of the packages they are delivering.

Often vans are the preferred vehicle use for couriers instead of HGV’s, as they are far cheaper to run and use less fuel. The typical van weighs up to 3.5 tonnes, whereas HGV’s are up to about 7.5 tonnes in weight.

Quotes given for insurance depend on the amount of drivers in use, their ages and what no claims history they have.

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