A driver of a school minibus knowingly accepts various responsibilities that should not be taken lightly. In their charge are students and school personnel who rely on a driver for their safety, and who are always the primary consideration. Apart from the school minibus insurance, the driver is directly responsible to ensure that the minibus is regularly and efficiently serviced and is in a suitable condition to contend with the various road conditions.

There are generally regulated daily and weekly routines related to safety structures that should be strictly adhered to, including recording them in a vehicle log book. A failure to perform these dedicated tasks could absolve an employer from any subsequent liability claims. It is the legal responsibility of the driver, to enforce any specified requirements, relating to the vehicle, including the wearing by passengers of seatbelts and to conform to all aspects of school minibus insurance. The exceptions to this particular requirement are adults and children over the age of fourteen years, who are personally responsible for the wearing of their seatbelts.

It is usual that schools imposing a charge on a non-profit basis operate minibuses with a section nineteen permit. This permits them to collect fares and contributions from students under a “not for profit” umbrella. This grade of permit, allows defined drivers with standard car licences to drive a minibus under these terms and conditions. Those private schools having private business status would operate a minibus on a commercial operator’s (PVC) licence, but in this circumstance, the driver would not be allowed to drive the minibus with a standard car licence.

It is a current opinion, that driving students in a minibus for non-social purposes, for example field trips, would be perceived by a court, as being a case of “hire for reward”. In this instance and it being a passenger carrying vehicle (PVC) a category “D’’ licence is usually needed. If a driver has a category D1 licence, it is permissible to drive all weights of minibuses, limited to sixteen passengers. This is with the provision; they are not employed to undertake incidental driving duties.

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