As a new year begins fleet managers and finance directors may be looking to decrease their costs across the board as prices at the pumps and the new VAT increase look set to wobble many a business account and money flow. And prevention when it comes to fleet insurance plans may be a good place to start.

As anyone knows with personal car insurance and our own cars, the slightest dent, bump or scratch can affect our no claims bonuses, monthly premiums and claims excesses even if we only look to repair and claim once a year. It all adds up somewhere along the line and can cost us dear. Fleet insurance is no different.

Fleet managers and those looking to keep fleet insurance costs down are now looking to train their drivers into thinking more about the vehicles they use day to day as vehicles of their own and make it known that all those bumps, scrapes and scratches and minor collisions all add up and affect company turnover and in the end their own salaries.

When a company first buys into fleet insurance to better manage the insurance policies on their lorries or taxi cabs, insure multiple drivers and save costs, managers are often offered software that enables a fleet manager to manage costs of petrol and fuel use, vehicle maintenance, routes and driver schedule.

Now fleet management software is set to ensure fleet insurance isn’t only restricted to the main office and directors but to also pass that knowledge to the front line and those responsible day in day out for ensuring vehicles get from A to B in the state the vehicle left in.

Minor bumps and scratches all add up especially when taking into account fleet insurance that covers several dozen vehicles. The additional of a few extra pound on the monthly premiums for each vehicle can work out to be a costly exercise. But with growing driver awareness of fleet insurance costs and how it affects the company and their wages, it is hoped those bumps and scratches can be kept to a minimum this year.