It’s that time of year again, time to renew the LGV insurance or HGV insurance on your vehicle or fleet of vehicles and get the best deal you can for you and your business. It’s a tedious task but by law you need to have LGV insurance if your vehicle is above 7.5 tonnes and in some cases 3.5 tonnes also.

Many fleet managers and owners of large (heavy) goods vehicles realise the need to have good and proper, secure and reliant LGV insurance in place to guard against the worst. A breakdown or delay in delivery of goods in transit to heaven forbid, a fire and your business can slow and you’ll lose income for every minute the vehicle isn’t on the road.

LGV insurance can provide security as well as peace of mind that no matter how many vehicles you have on the road, one day the worst could strike but you’ll have like for like replacement, LGV hire at your disposal with expenses paid and full breakdown roadside rescue at hand to get vehicles moving again.

Furthermore with the right standard of LGV insurance you can insurance against fire, theft, accidental damage and malicious damage and with specialist LGV insurance build in goods in transit insurance which will compensate should someone sue for delayed goods or goods arriving in a state unfit for purpose.

In a world that relies on timely arrival, a reliant service, quick turn around and efficiency can you really afford not to find the best LGV insurance for your own business? Never fear, the bright side to LGV insurance quotes is the variety of comparisons tools that can be found online.

By comparing LGV insurance quotes against their rivals, you can find the best policy at the best price, cheap doesn’t necessarily mean the best however by comparing a wealth of LGV insurance quotes against each other, you’ll soon find what you need and in quick time too.