There are a lot of motoring stories bounded about and many are true, the problem is that these stories can become twisted or outdated and new, inexperienced drivers or just those unsure of the regulations might not know whether to believe them or not leaving them in the ‘blind spot’, to use a motoring term.

Most of the stories are based around particular offences that occur on the roads and what you can and can’t be fined for, but there are plenty around insurance, too. For example, many believe that just because you reach the age of 25 your premiums will drop substantially. While many insurers do lower prices for drivers aged 25 or above, there is no legal requirement to do so, and while you can get Budget Direct Motor insurance – to use an example – there is no requirement for them to lower their prices, it’s down to you and your driving!

While fast food restaurants are dotted along just about every major road network, you are not actually meant to be eating or drinking while at the wheel. Many believe that because you can eat in your car, you can eat while you drive but in actual fact you would be driving without due care and attention and it’s no different to people who have been famously caught applying their make-up in the mirror or using a mobile phone.

One particularly common story is how you are given ten percent discretion if you break the speed limit. By this, I mean that if you are caught doing 33mph in a 30mph zone, you will not be prosecuted. The fact is, if the police catch you doing as little as 1mph over the limit, they have the power to stop you and give you a warning. However, if you’re caught by a camera then you have no right of appeal and you will be faced with a fine and points on your license, or the option of going on a speed awareness course.

Another myth is that it’s alright to use your mobile phone in the car as long as you’re not moving, such as when stuck in a traffic jam on the way to work in the morning. However, if the police catch you with your phone in your hand and the engine running – even if stationary – then you can still be penalised for using your phone at the wheel, resulting in a fine and three points on your license.