Starting up a courier service may seem quite difficult. But it’s not. With just a little knowhow it’s easy to just set up a courier business and get going. Drumming up business, investing in car fleet insurance, and keeping employees happy are all things that have to be taken into account. So take a look at this short guide to various aspects of the courier business and get that truck moving!

A Fleet of Vehicles

Any courier service will be using multiple vehicles to deliver their goods. But every vehicle must have a minimal amount of insurance or it can’t be driven on the roads of the UK. It’s expensive and troublesome to have paperwork for every vehicle so opt for car fleet insurance instead.

This covers all the cars of a company and they are all under the same policy so there’s one lot of paperwork for all the cars. What’s more, many insurance brokers offer discounts for companies that insure their cars all under one policy.

Drumming Up Business

There are many ways to drum up business, but the bottom line is that it’s all about being creative whilst not ignoring the basics. Here are just some of the ways in which the name of the company can get out there.

• Get the business in the local phone book. If people don’t know how to get in touch with the company then how can a business ever get off the ground?
• Develop an online presence. Build a website and get involved in social networking. This can not only give potential clients another avenue to get in touch, but it can even help businesses and clients meet.
• Hold events that are sponsored by the company. This requires a little bit of investment, but they really bring people in. It doesn’t even have to be related to the courier business. Just get the name on a banner in big letters.

Keep Employees Happy

This can’t be emphasised enough. Always make sure that employees are kept happy at all times. Employees who are happy will work harder and are more likely to go the extra distance. Offer them a pat on the back, talk to them as a friend, and maybe even give them a little bonus sometimes. Just keep them happy!

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